The Laredo Cultural District

Discover History & Our Bi-national Culture

Come discover a district in the making for over 266 years. A place where all things from across the border blend into a new American style. Where plazas site between buildings, streets named for saints and generals and arts and culture come alive in the heart and when the sun goes down.

Three Distinct Areas

Along AVENIDA SAN BERNARDO, trucks unload regional crafts. Authentic Mexican cafes, food trucks alongside vintage motels, and informal art spaces entice all.

EL CENTRO encompasses 94 tight-knit blocks, including the Central Business District, the Arts and Entertainment District (IT Street), San Agustin de Laredo Historical District nestled in beautiful turn of the century buildings

Take the trolley or drive across the train bridge to FORT MAC, which encompasses a nationally recognized historic district and was a former Army base now home to Laredo College.

What People Say

My dream [is] seeing this city by the border – which has been stigmatized by border violence – transcend to artistic heights that this city has never experienced before.

Robert Batey ✝︎, Laredo Musician, Actor & Art Advocate, Founder of Galactic Frontera [1989-2017]

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The Laredo Cultural District In Action!

Las Puertas – The Doors Withstanding Time

“Look on every exit as being an entrance somewhere else.”― Tom Stoppard, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead The doors of the district are profound in and of themselves. Some open for business, some closed for business and some just shut off from the world. We invite you to stroll the street of El Centro (downtown) and Avenida…

A Home for Every Generation and a home for the Laredo Cultural District

Laredo Cultural District will soon be housed in Laredo’s oldest continually occupied residence. With generous cooperation with Webb County, we will be able to work within the district to amplify the artistic and cultural events and outreach for the sake of our community. Even though there is no exact date as to when Casa Ortíz…

About Us

The Laredo Cultural District seeks to celebrate our rich traditions by uniting creative minds to restore and embrace Laredo’s unique cultural heritage, while supporting the revitalization and growth of our historic, cultural and creative assets.

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915 Zaragoza Street; Laredo, TX 78040


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Designated as an Official Texas Cultural District

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