Where is OUR District?

Short answer: Three distinct areas comprise the district:

Long answer:

  1. AVENIDA SAN BERNARDO boasts regional & Mexican goods and crafts as well as restaurants. Tourists abound here flocking to these unique and eccentric shops along with culinary delight. Here trucks load up Mexican wares
    and head north or tourists shop pots, clothing, art and metal work.
  2. EL CENTRO comprised of 94 tight knit blocks of the CBD, Arts & Entertainment District, Historical Districts and Laredo Main Street as well as border to Mexico along the Rio Grande. IT Street hosts that local bar scene and one will find beautiful turn of the century buildings hosting historic hotels, heritage museums and storefronts in San Agustin de Laredo Historical District. Streets named after Saints and Generals alongside city and county landmarks. It showcases a dynamic past as a city under 7 flags.
  3. FORT MAC, a nationally recognized historic district was a former army base, now Laredo College is the home to Guadalupe Martinez Performing Arts Center, an art gallery and Laredo’s oldest nature rail along with Lamar Bruni Vergara Environmental Center and The Paso del Indio. It’s historic buildings become classrooms and enrich our communities students.

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